Aug 21

How to Brew Beer at Home

Who doesn’t like beer? It cools you down during summer, warms you up during winter, puts a ‘spring’ in your step during spring, and helps you brood during autumn. It is the inspiration behind the drinking game and now, the beer bong is a compulsory companion for any sporting event. It works best at bringing friends, enemies, and strangers together. And as if any more advantages are needed to be listed, you can make it at home! You can have an endless supply with your personal and unique blend. The recipe may look long, but it’s actually simple and the end product is worth it. Here’s how to do it.

Things Required
– 3 gallon pot
– Siphon hose with clamp
– 5 gallon plastic or glass bucket with lid (also called carboys)
– Bottle filler
– 12 oz. bottles (avoid twist off bottles)
– Bottle capper
– Bottle caps
– Sanitizing solution, starsan or iodosphor

– 6 lb dry or pale malt extract
– 2.25 oz. hops
– 1 packet brewer’s yeast
– 2/3 cup priming sugar, corn sugar (preferred) or white sugar

All the above equipment and ingredients are available at brewing supply stores. You can also buy a brewing starter kit which has all the necessary stuff to brew beer. This recipe brews 5 gallons of beer.

Steps of Brewing

Sanitize: The first and most important step is cleaning all the equipment. Beer is highly sensitive to contamination from bacteria, so first use hot, soapy water and then a sanitizing solution to clean your equipment.

Brew: Pour 2-3 gallons of water into your pot and heat it. Once the water has warmed up, mix in the malt extract gradually and keep mixing while you do so. This combined water and extract mixture is ‘wort’. Bring the wort mixture to a boil slowly.

Aug 18

What is Black and Tan Beer

One of the most popular choices of beer drinkers around the world is the black and tan beer, that can be created at any place. If you have not tried it, you certainly must try it as soon as possible. All you need is two different kinds of beer, and someone to mix them together, in order to get the best drink possible.

It is simply a mixture of two different beers in the same glass, in equal proportions. By blending these two beers together one can create a better tasting brew, that is smoother and richer. Now this does not mean that you can mix any two beers together. There are some specific types of beer that must be combined, because they complement each other perfectly.

The name black and tan has been coined because the color of the mixture appears very dark and black in color. The lighter half floats on top while the heavier half sinks to the bottom, so a clear demarcation appears between the two halves of the mixture. It is also known as half and half beer.

The Contents
Black and tan can be created by mixing pale ale with a dark beer like a stout or a porter. Pale ale is one of the most common beers around the world, and it is characterized by its pale color. While brewing this type of beer, a top fermenting yeast is used.

On the other hand, stout and porter beers are darker in color and they are brewed using roasted malt, barley, yeast, water and hops. They are also much stronger than pale ales, and also contain a greater volume of alcohol in them. So generally speaking, it is simply the mixture of a lighter beer with a stronger one.

Black and Tan Beer History
The origins can be found

Aug 17

Night Life of Paris

Paris is one of the beautiful cities in the world. As it is a capital of France so people speaks French language. Paris is also well known for its night life and fashion. There are many good places in Paris for hangout in the night. There are lots nightclubs, bars, pubs, etc within the city. Paris has mind blowing and attractive night life. It’s also famous for its operas, theaters, etc. Paris is one of the beautiful tourist destinations which attract thousands of peoples throughout out the world. It is one the favorite destination of the tourist around the world. It is also called the city of love, and has places to go out in the night. The real life of Paris starts in the dark.

Where to hangout in night

There are lots of places to hangout in night. It is fact Paris is the one of the expensive city of the world, and famous for its night life.

– Nightclubs
There is lots of nightclub in Paris. Its nightclub is famous worldwide. If you walk along on the street then you can find lots of nightclub where you can enjoy yourself. Queen, Le Cab, VIP Lounge, Sens, Le Baron are some of them. Clubs are open at 11 in the night and open till morning.
– Casinos
Paris offers many casinos in the city. You should be above 18, entry will be charged. You must carry passport and well dressed. There are casinos namely d’Enghien Les Bains, 3 avenue de Cienture and many more.
– Opera
There are many Opera in the Paris but National Opera of Paris is very big in size, 11000 square meters, and big stage and 2000 seats for visitors. It’s quite biggest Opera in Paris.
– Cabaret
If you want to enjoy really hot evening than

Aug 17

All you need to know about Irish whiskey

Whiskey, a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grains or malt, is one of the most popular forms of alcohol and has a rich and colourful history. The history of whiskey dates back to the 15th century, with the first written record of the alcohol described in the Irish Annals of Clonmacnoise. Later on in the same century, the first evidence of whiskey production in Scotland was written in the Exchequer Rolls. The word whiskey is derived from the Irish name uisce beatha which literally means -water of life’, implicating the importance of the alcohol in day to day life back then.

The history of Irish whiskey is long and ever changing. In the 1770’s, there were over 1200 distilleries, however most of these were unlicensed. In 1820, so many taxes were introduced on whiskey, so only 20 legal distilleries remained. Following this decrease, tax laws were relaxed, and in a few years, the number of legal distilleries increased to nearly one hundred. Unfortunately, with the mass increase in supply resulted in a decreased demand and by the end of the 19th century, there were only 28 distilleries in production in Ireland. In keeping with the rollercoaster ride, demand for Irish whiskey then rose, in particular whiskey produced in Dublin. However, this did not last long, and between 1919 and 1923 sales of whiskey hit the rocks, affecting Ireland’s exports to the British Empire. Also, the prohibition of alcohol in America from 1920 to 1933 did not help matters, and even after this ban was lifted, Scottish whisky (Scotch) was found to be more popular in America and the British Empire.

Until the 1960’s, things were looking bleak for Ireland in terms of whiskey. Then, Powers, Jameson and Cork Distillers merged to form the Irish Distillers Group, took over Bushmills

Aug 16

Honey, I’m Going To The Pub To Play Golf

Learn these pub golf rules to start an exciting night.

A drinking game known as bar golf, or pub golf. Learning pub golf rules will equip you with a fun and simple game that you can enjoy with a group of friends that enjoys visiting pubs.

You can create your own pub golf rules to invent a pub golf game that suits your tastes since pub golf rules vary greatly. Pub golf is a great game to play over the course of a summer, or you can start the game during an occasion such as a birthday party or bachelor party.

Following are the basic pub golf rules to get you started on creating your own pub golf game.

A pub golf course ideally consists of eighteen different pubs to represent a full golf course. If you need to, you can make one pub or bar consist of a number of different holes.

Establish a par for each hole. The par value assigned to each hole or pub can range from one to five. For example, a pint of beer can count as a par four for one hole, while a single shot at another pub can count as a par one.

To complete a hole with a score of par, you must complete the drink in the number of sips or gulps that is designated as par. For example, if the pub is a par four and the drink is a pint of beer, you must complete the drink in four gulps in order to score par.

You can score under or over par by completing the drink in more or less gulps.

The goal is to have the lowest final score after eighteen holes by scoring as close to par as possible.

Drinks for each hole should

Aug 15

How Neon Pub Signs Are Made

From here, a high-force vacuum sucks all air inside of it until it reaches an almost air-less state. The electrodes then produce the currents to make the light illuminate. The glass tubes are filled with gases that react to this force. The gases can be not just neon but also argon, mercury, krypton, helium and xenon. Each gas will show its own bright color. Look at neon pub signs and you might notice these differences. As the neon signs are installed in open space, they tend to get dusty after short time periods. This can hinder the clear visibility of the signs and can make them look unattractive. So, you must make efforts to clean the neon signs regularly. You must sue a soft nylon brush to wipe off the dust from the neon lights. A sock can also be used for the purpose. Neon signs bear stains caused due to smoke and atmospheric pollution. Besides, the signs used in the bars bear nicotine stains due to smoking habit of the visitors. In order to remove these stains, you must use a recommended solution, like that containing ammonia sign boards. After gently cleaning with a sock dipped in ammonia solution, you must use another cock dipped in warm water to remove the remaining dirt. Always install the neon signs away from the reach of the children and pets.
Take care of the connecting wires while cleaning to avoid unplugging them.
Don’t use ammonia solution to clean the back of neon signs as it can cause damage to the paint. It is a competitive world out there. Every business owner wants to be more successful than the other. The effectiveness of advertisement has been realized by many firms worldwide. Amongst varied advertising options, the impact of outdoor advertising is

Aug 13

How robbery and rebellion make Whiskey in the Jar a classic Irish song

When a country is occupied by a foreign power as Ireland was for several hundred years then music is often used as a way of poking fun at the establishment.

This is a large part of the appeal of that hugely popular Irish song, Whiskey in the Jar, which has been recorded by folk and rock bands alike, including Metallica.

Whiskey in the Jar features love, robbery and betrayal, and is set to a rollicking, irresistible tune, so it’s not hard to see why it has become so popular, not only in Ireland but across the world – particularly in America.

Whiskey in the Jar tells the story of a highwayman who stalks the Cork and Kerry mountains in Ireland. He is bold enough, or reckless enough, to rob Captain Farrell, an officer in the British army. The British had occupied and controlled Ireland for centuries and were resented by many Irish people who staged numerous rebellions.

Anyone who dared to rob a British army officer would be very popular with the local people and be looked upon as a sort of Robin Hood character. The highwayman counts out the money and then gives it for safe keeping to Jenny – his wife or maybe his lover. Jenny promises that she will never deceive him but she proves to be false.

When the highwayman goes to rest after his exploits, Jenny puts water into his gunpowder, rendering his pistol ineffective. She is setting him up to be captured.

The next morning as the highwayman ventures out again, he finds himself ambushed by Captain Farrell and his footmen.

He tries to shoot at them but his pistol won’t work because the powder is wet. He reaches for his sabre but the deceitful Jenny has already taken it from him.

Rendered defenceless,

Aug 11

Different Types Of Wine Brand

Many wine collectors and buyers look at the brand of wines. They are particular on the brand of wines when they buy them for their collections. For most brands of wine, you may notice the labels and packages to be presentable and attractive for the buyers. Most wineries have the advantage of applying creativity on their packaging, labeling, and bottle designs.

Popular wine brands like Robert Mondavi, Barefoot, Mariposa, Kendall-Jackson, Chteau Ste Michelle and other top wine brands know the importance of their labeling. They know it can provide the success or failure of the wine.

If you have visited wine shops, you may see their displays from the lifeless approach to the most colorful and flamboyant designs of the bottles. Countries like the United States and Canada apply this kind of approach in labeling wine brands.

However, it is very important for most wineries and wine shops to sell and produce quality fine wines. If you’re just starting out on learning wines, you may find yourself confused with those intimidating labels and bottle designs. Here are some tips on how to choose the right brand, labels, and types of wines you want to purchase.

1.Try to find the wine shops that have trained and experienced staff that will help and guide customers on what brand they want to buy.

2.Find good recommendations in the newspapers and on the Internet where you can find online wine experts.

3.Purchase fine wine in stores that are known in taking proper care on their inventories. They should have accessories and cooling systems that can sustain the needed temperature and shielding of the bottles from sunlight and humidity swings. Don’t buy from shops that don’t take proper care of their wines.

4.Before going to the wine shop,

Aug 11

Freak Out With Friends at Pub Crawl in Delhi

Are you in a search of some fun and excitement? Getting exhausted from busy boring daily routine? Planning night out with friends would be a great idea in Delhi, the city that never sleeps. Have you ever tried or heard about Pub Crawl in Delhi? If not then go for it and make fun out of it.

It is also commonly referred to as a “bar-hopping- or “bar touring-, it is an enjoyment act in which people check out different bars especially in night and group of people drinking in number of bars turn wise in single night. Sounds very much excited and full of fun, isn’t? In a nut shell, it is the new and great way to mingle with different people in crazy atmosphere, meeting new people, fellow visitors from all over the world while experiencing some of the best hottest places that the city’s nightlife offers you!

This is different kind of enjoyment which would be a full time pass, while introducing you to the hottest spots to be. If you are going to explore all pubs & bars then you should know what to wear and carry with you to enjoy to the full. You should wear comfortable shoes so that it would be easy for you to move from one bar to another, Avoid high heels as sometimes you need to travel in bus while switching different bars, may be some of them are far from one another. Dress up whatever you want but don’t go for costly dresses because it might be the possibility that beer split all over your dress. Carrying camera with you is a great idea as you can capture all amazing moments and yes don’t take expensive digital cameras with you to avoid any thefts and inconvenience. It

Aug 10

A Wine Lover’s Near-weekly Review Of $15 Wine – A Kosher Tempranillo From Spain

Elvi wines claims a heritage that dates back to 1492. They have been making Kosher wine since 2003. While their vineyards are located in the Montsant wine region of Catalonia in northeastern Spain they also source grapes from several other regions. This wine carries the prestigious Rioja DOC (Denomacion de Origen Calificada) appellation signifying that it comes from one of Spain’s top wine regions. Their co-producer is Bodegas Castillo de Sajazarra, named for a Fourteenth Century castle; one really worth visiting if you are in this great wine region. The companion wine is yet another Kosher for Passover Tempranillo, one coming from Argentina at about two-thirds the price.

OUR WINE REVIEW POLICY All wines that we taste and review were purchased at the full retail price.

Wine Reviewed
Elvi Wines Mati KP Rioja DOC 2010 13.5 % alcohol about $15.

Let’s start by quoting the marketing materials. “Description : This full-bodied Tempranillo is intense with dark fruit flavors and hints of herbs and cassis leading to a lengthy, poised finish.” And now for my review.

At the first sips this wine was mouth filling offering good acidity and light tannins. Wasabi-dusted peanuts perked up the acidity; now I tasted black cherries in my glass. The main dish was homemade fried turkey breast right off the skillet. The libation was long and responded with a multilayered burnt taste that was accompanied by some oak and dark cherries. Sauteed snow peas and mushrooms provided this liquid with some iron and a great balance between its acidity and tannins. This fine meal terminated with bittersweet chocolate. Unfortunately only a little fruit remained in the wine.

The second meal focused on ground beef accompanied by chick peas, tomatoes, and lots of spices including chili. The Tempranillo was slightly sweet, dark,

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